The Rise of Specialty Cafe In Penang

The Rise of Specialty Cafe In Penang

The Rise Of Specialty Cafe In Penang

A plenty of specialty cafes are seeing rapid expansion in Penang. These cafes offer an array of specialty coffee to the consumers. These cafe owners aimed to provide really good coffee at a reasonable price with no attitude. Cafe with best specialty coffee served is often perceived as the best cafe by consumers. However, do all the consumers really understand how coffee works? There are still many consumers, mainly those from older generation, don’t understand how coffee works and still stuck in our local coffee culture – “kopi-o” culture.

Coffee Is A Lot More Than Just A Drink

Coffee should not considered as a drink only, you should think about coffee differently! Actually, they are evangelists for the power, mystery, taste and complexity of the caffeinated beverage and its ability to bring people together. Coffee is a remarkably recession-proof product, along with alcohol and tobacco. 

Do you ever think about the nutrients that can obtain from coffee? Coffee contains a number of useful nutrients, consisting of magnesium, potassium, vitamin B-2, vitamin B-3 and antioxidants. Some experts said that these nutrients in the coffee can benefit the human body in various means. Drinking a cup of coffee provides several benefits such as protect you against Type 2 diabetes, control Parkinson’s diseases symptoms, and safeguard the liver

Specialty Coffee

Specialty coffee has been on the rise among the busy populace in recent years, especially among those younger consumers who are exploring the joys of java earlier in their life. This generation does not take coffee lightly, and instead considered coffee as a delightful luxury. This against the thought of older generation who only drinks coffee as a means of getting them throughout the day.

Specialty coffee is a drink that is tailor-made for you. This concept of a handmade drink introduced a value proposition, that is, a drink just for you. There is a certain intimacy apart from it being a pure transaction. The trend today is to convert that personalized interaction to a drip coffee world. These specialty coffee carries an allure that extends beyond the beverage itself.

Based on the study from the National Coffee Association (NCA), the daily consumption of gourmet coffee beverages is up to 34% from 31% in 2013. While, daily normal non-gourmet coffee drinking has dropped from 39% to 35%. Consumers are not necessarily drinking more coffee, but are changing where they drink coffee and the quality of the coffee they are consuming.

Growth In Specialty Coffee Shops

Coffee has done well in its industry despite the difficulty economy. This is because the economic outlook is good for independent specialty cafe. The market is unsaturated and there is still room for the new entrants.

We have seen the growth in competition for Starbucks. Much of which has come from entrepreneurs who started their own cafes which offer specialty coffee. It is estimated that there are upwards of 50,000 coffee retailers across the country.

Starbucks is great. But, it is like comparing a really great specialty steak house to a chain house that serves millions of steaks a year. Small specialty coffee business and Starbucks are in a different niche, however they can co-exist. The specialty coffee business cannot really compete with Starbucks on an equal footing. Nevertheless, specialty coffee business has the ability to provide a completely different experience from Starbucks. One advantage of local cafe’s enjoy is that it will always be easier for them to adapt to local lifestyles. 

Socio-Cultural Function Of Cafe

One of the wonderful things about cafe is that they are assets to the community. This is because cafes serve as meeting places for you. It is a kind of a third place, not where you work or live but a place you can go to spend time and interact with people. This is what consumers nowadays demand for. In a simple word, cafe is one of those spots that customers simply feels good to be in.

In the United States, Americans work from home, but not offices. They are then go to cafe for work, social interaction and stimulation. Therefore, there is an army of people working at home goes to cafe and enjoy their favorite specialty coffee all day long.

From the perspective of cafe owner, they also found that they are happiest when they made coffee for people. The preparation of coffee for consumers is viewed as a excitement.

The Concept Of Specialty Cafe 

What makes a cafe that offer specialty coffee in Penang so special? It is the passion of preparation a cup of coffee. Passion-driven baristas will provide you a unique experience at a specialty coffee shop. The baristas usually will create a design or pattern on the surface of the coffee. The coffee accompanied by these arts definitely will give you a surprise and joy for the whole day. 

Additionally, the food offerings also share the same values with the coffee. It is therefore helps to support the message. The dishes offered are made up of local ingredients that make the coffee shop shine past the perfect cup. Creativity leads to unique combinations of coffee with food. 

Pit Stop Cafe’s Specialty Coffee

Pit Stop Cafe serves various type of specialty coffees. It consists of Espresso, Americano, Latte, Cappuccino and Mocha. You can also order a cup of Affogato Espresso served with Vanilla Ice Cream or Macha Latte. Whatever coffee you order, the aroma of the coffee definitely will delight you for the whole day. 

Rise of Specialty Cafe

Achieve Success In The Specialty Cafe Industry

Coffee uniquely represents an intersection between food and beverage and a lifestyle brand. Pit Stop Cafe which offer a great specialty coffee with an awesome atmosphere and terrific service can make a success in its industry. Pit Stop Cafe has awesome staff and the owner has spent a lot of time training and they feel like they are a part of the community. Once customers have a try the coffee we offered, they will come back for more. This will then make the Pit Stop Cafe becomes the best cafe in the eyes of consumers.

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