The Best Breakfast In Penang

Best Breakfast Penang

The Best Breakfast In Penang: Pit Stop Cafe

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I definitely have a hearty breakfast before I do anything. – Mayer Hawthorne – 

There are many cafes that offers a plenty of choices for morning meals. This shows that Pit Stop Cafe faces a high competition in serving breakfast. Regardless of this intense competition, Pit Stop Cafe is always a good choice for breakfast. This is because it provides the essential nutrients for you in the early morning. However, do you really understand about first meal in the early morning and its importance for you as well as your body? Let me briefly you in the following, it definitely will give you a surprise after read!


Breakfast is the first meal of a day. It is usually eaten in the early morning before undertaking the work of the day. In English’s word, it refers to breaking the fasting period of the previous night. So, the best approach to start your new day is through a well-balanced morning meal that provides your body the required nutrients. A good morning meal will consist of all sorts of different foods, such as vegetables, protein, dairy products and grains.

Breakfasts vary widely throughout the world. For example, in Japan, their standard breakfast consists of steamed white rice, a bowl of miso soup, and Japanese styled pickles. In contrast, in United States, morning meals usually consists of a combination of hot cereals, eggs, breads such as pancakes, waffles, or biscuits. Variants of full breakfast are also common in U.S. However, in Malaysia, there are wide variety of choices for breakfast in the morning. This includes noodles, dim sum, roti canai served with curry, nasi lemak, bread with eggs and sausages and so on.

Is Breakfast Really The Most Important Meal Of The Day?

Generally, the research demonstrated that skipping breakfast has been associated with the high risk of obesity, elevated cholesterol in the blood, high blood pressure and heart disease. Additionally, the study also discovered out that those who never had breakfast in daily morning had a 87% higher risk of cardiovascular mortality than those who had breakfast every day. That’s why the morning meal is a need for your daily life.

Even though you are in a hurry, you should not skip your breakfast. Skipping breakfast leaves you feeling exhausted and very hungry afterwards. Also, people who don’t take the morning meals are more likely to be overweight. This is because they are more likely to overeat at lunch time, which can be unhealthy towards your stomach. Therefore, you should grab something quick for your first meal instead of skipping it. For example, you may take the quick food such as yogurt, bread, a cup of chocolate drinks or a muffin.

How It Is So Important For You?

Breakfast is a best way to provide the body the refueling that needed. It kick-starts your metabolism, assisting you burn calories throughout your day. The most important is it gives you the energy that you require to get daily works done. Skipping the morning meal can make you feel tired, restless, or irritable. You should take breakfast as your body had going without food for 8 to 12 hours during sleep for the whole night. Also, the blood sugar of your body that requires to make the muscles and brain work their best is commonly low during the early morning. Thus, taking morning meal helps to replenish it.

Apart from that, it also has the potential to improve your brain function, consisting of concentration and language. Based on a review of 54 studies, these researches discovered that consuming the first meal of the day can improve the memory. Simultaneously, it can also make you happier as it will enhance your mood and lower stress levels.

Based on the study that analyzed the health data of 50,000 people over seven years, researchers discovered that those people who take morning meal every day have high possibility to obtain a lower body mass index (BMI) compared to those who consume a large lunch or dinner. The researchers emphasized that breakfast helps to increase energy, reduce daily calories consumption, enhance the quality of your diet. Since the meals in the morning are usually high in fibre and nutrients, it has the ability to improve your healthiness.

Morning Meals In Pit Stop Cafe

Pit Stop Cafe serves an array of English Breakfast choice for you to choose. This includes Mushy Mushy (Omelet with Mushroom & Cheese), 3 Little Pigs (Omelet with Bacon & Cheese), Petite Breakfast (Chicken Sausage & Eggs) and so forth. All Day Breakfasts are all served with side salad, toast bread and hash brown. The morning meals of Pit Stop Cafe provide the essential nutrients for you such as fibre, protein, carbohydrate and vitamins. These nutrients are really important for your body health. Therefore, you should visit Pit Stop Cafe for your morning breakfast in Penang!

Best Breakfast Penang
Best Breakfast Penang

English Breakfast Seekers

Are you a English Breakfast seekers for your first meal of the day? If the answer is Yes, then you should visit Pit Stop Cafe as it is the best cafe that offered breakfast meals. According to The Star, there is a survey which reveals that the most popular choices for morning meal are coffee and eggs (30%). This followed by tea and rice, and coffee and rice (both 22%). These statistics show there are high number of Malaysian opt to consume English style breakfast. Thus, this makes Pit Stop Cafe has the potential to grab new customers as well as retain the current customers.

In Penang, there are so many places that serves English breakfast. As you can see, local “kopitiam” also provides a plenty of choices to the customers. However, the comfortableness and atmosphere will be different. Pit Stop Cafe able to provide you a quite place and delicious meal in order to ensure you get the best service since early morning. Since breakfast is highly important to your body health, why not spend a visit to Pit Stop Cafe. 

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