Best Lunch In Penang: Pit Stop Cafe

Best Lunch Penang

Best Lunch In Penang: Pit Stop Cafe

You should treat yourself a lunch well, not just to skip it as it is also one of the important meals in a day. How do you spend your lunch break? A common complaint I hear is about lunch time getting squeezed down to ten minutes, or to nothing at all.  Even worst, people are eating on the fly or eating while hunched over their computers. There is no proper time for them to enjoy their daily lunch time.  Actually, you should spend a little time to take a lunch to recharge your energy by visiting a restaurant or cafe. If you are still discovering a place for lunch, then you should consider Pit Stop Cafe for lunch in Penang during your meal time! 


Most of you might take lunch around the middle of the day. It is commonly the second meal of the day, after your breakfast. The meals are varying in size and there are significant differences exist in different areas of the world. For example, in United Kingdom, lunch is often a small meal during the weekdays. It is designed to stave off hunger until returning home from work and eating dinner. It often consists of sandwich, eaten with a bag of crisps on the side. In contrast, in Malaysia, rice, noodles and other mixed hot foods are often eaten during lunch either at a restaurant or brought in a container. Thus, these kind of foods whether rice or noodles, both can be found in Pit Stop Cafe

Why Do You Need For Taking Lunch

People who say they’re too busy to have lunch have a false impression of their own importance.John Howard –

You should eat in the middle of the day, several hours after your breakfast. This is because it will re-energize your body and can raise blood sugar levels when concentration is flagging. If you are feeling sluggish or lethargic, taking lunch can renew you energy and help you feel refreshed and be prepared to work on the following hours. Taking a midday break which refuel yourself not only make you a better employee, but also a healthier and happier person. In this world, everything is getting more and more fast-paced, people tend to forget taking breaks, however breaks are not a waste of time. They are essentially for your’s productivity and health.

Therefore, you should enjoy your food. Treat yourself to something you enjoy that fits with your diet. If you have a favourite place or a particular delicacy you enjoy, make sure you go and enjoy once a week. If you don’t have yet, you may think about Pit Stop Cafe – best lunch in Penang!

Pit Stop Cafe’s Food Offerings For Lunch

Whether you want to eat rice or noodles or even western food for your lunch, Pit Stop Cafe is your best choice for you. If you desire to get a meal with rice, you can try out our rice accompanies with Slow Braised Black Vinegar Pork Trotter, Curry Capitan Chicken or Sesame Oil Pork. If you don’t want these, you may choose the noodles such as noodles accompanies with Green Curry Chicken or Sesame Oil Minced Pork. Apart from these, western foods like Fish ‘n’ Chips and Bombay Chicken Chop can be chosen too. In case you would like to eat a pasta on that day, you also may choose Spaghetti Bolognese Chicken or even the other pasta.

Best Lunch In Penang: Curry Capitan Chicken
Best Lunch In Penang: Curry Capitan Chicken

After taking lunch, you may take some desserts if your stomach still has some space for it. You can order a plate of Choco Nutella Pancake that served with Banana, Cashew Nut, Nutella and Vanilla Ice Cream. Or, you may order a bowl of Red Bean Paste Dessert to full up your stomach before continuing your work on that day. You should take a dessert so that your lunch will be completed. Without dessert, it seem like you lunch are not satisfying!

Best Lunch In Penang: Choco Nutella Pancake
Best Lunch In Penang: Choco Nutella Pancake

Thus, what you wait for now? You have to visit the cafe which provides the best lunch in Penang to taste out the food offerings. 

Why You Should Taking Lunch In Pit Stop Cafe Rather Than Others?

In Penang, there are many cafes that served lunch for you. For example, Mews Cafe, Wheeler’s and The Daily Dose. This gives you an opportunity to choose the best cafe that can satisfy with all your requirements. Each cafe has their own special that may attract you to spend a visit. So, there must have some reasons why you should visit Pit Stop Cafe for your lunch instead of the others, even in the same area. 

Pit Stop Cafe is a place that recharges your energy whenever you are tired. Their environment and foods will definitely give you a feeling of refreshment after taking lunch. This main purpose of the cafe can be seen through the name of the cafe – Pit Stop. The word “Pit Stop” is derived from the context of auto racing as this word refers to refuel, repair, mechanical adjustments place in Formula One racing. Thus, this word conforms with the situation of the customers who exhausted from their work after a whole morning.

From You Standpoint

Your lunch time are extremely valuable. This is because the duration of lunch time for salaried employees are limited. It may just one or two hours. So, the speed of serving this group of people should be fast and served with quality foods. However, not all of the cafes can satisfy you as the food preparation might consume some times. Therefore, you usually will choose to take a quick lunch in certain places only. In this context, Pit Stop Cafe has been meet up the requirement. That’s why you have to choose this best option for lunch in Penang. Just for important remainder, you definitely will regret if you missed out to visit Pit Stop Cafe. 

Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.

– Adelle Davis – 

You have to treat yourself a great lunch too, not only breakfast

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