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Pit Stop Cafe is the best place for gathering, Western food, local food, snack, and coffee. Pit Stop Cafe satisfies all your needs.

About Us

Our Delicious Story

Pit Stop Cafe is a siblings owned business which established in the year of 2013. This cafe is named as “Pit Stop” because it is aimed to providing a place for people to recharge their energy after a long tiring day. Unlike most cafe nowadays, the design of Pit Stop Cafe is based on retro style to retain the traditional site of Chinese culture.

Mission & Vision

Mission – Make friends and build a deep relationship with customers

Vision – Expand the business through franchising

Featured Delicacies

All food are freshly prepared and cooked upon orders

Morning Starter

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Sesame Oil Pork with Egg & Rice

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Mushroom Soup

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Spaghetti Bolognese Chicken

Spaghetti Bolognese Chicken

Slow Braised Black Vinegar Pork Trotter with Egg & Rice

Best Cafe In Penang: Slow Braised Black Vinegar Pork Trotter with Egg & Rice


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Operating Hours

Daily 9AM to 7PM